Typing Out The Feels



It’s currently my lunch break and I’ve planted myself at Starbucks. I drove here with intent to write about some recent beauty favorites but my heavy heart just isn’t up for a lighthearted post like that today. When I’m overly emotional I like to write it out. That’s the reason I was a journalism major in college, the reason I’ve written people long letters when I’m too in my head to talk things out, and the reason I have this blog.

So what’s got you down, you might be thinking? Well I’m a pretty open person but there’s some things that I have to keep private on here. Sorry for the teaser, but what’s more important than the details of the situation is knowing what I learned. It’s a simple lesson but easier said than done: stop doubting yourself and you can accomplish anything.

If you think you can’t get over a breakup, you can’t stop thinking negatively, or that you can’t get better at your job then you won’t. You need to change the way you think. For some people this is harder than others because you are used to thinking that way- it’s become a habit. This means you LITERALLY need to rewire your brain. Sounds scary but I promise you it’s doable and worth it. I’ve pretty much done it. I suffered from horrifying anxiety not too long ago and with the help of a program called The Linden Method (The Linden Method) I got my life back. This honestly is not a sponsored post, I have no affiliation with them. I’m just genuinely a (mostly) recovered person who can’t stand watching others suffer. I still have an occasionally off day but as long as I practice what I preach I can get myself out of my rut much quicker than before.

The meat and potatoes of the program is basically just don’t pay attention to negative thoughts no matter how real and scary they feel. They aren’t real so as soon as they start sending their signals go do something else.

I recently found a quote: “Imagine if you had a gun to your head and were told you had to accomplish your 10 year goals in 6 months.” Interesting thought, right? It really stuck with me. If we shift our way of thinking our potential is endless.

I’m trying to channel this experience that I’ve been so vague with you about into a positive one, a bit of a reset. Time to get down to business in every aspect of life: this blog, my 9-5 job, fitness, spirituality…the list goes on. I just want to be the best version of myself and look back on my life without regrets. I challenge you too to look at the world as your oyster and push through whatever life throws at you with a smile on your face. Stay beautiful my loves. xoxo.


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