My Evening Routine

I’m a homebody at my core. Don’t get me wrong- I do enjoy nights out and about, but in my opinion there’s nothing better than relaxing in my zen space after a long day.  I’m going to walk you through a night at the Goodner household.

Setting the ambiance is a big part of my unwinding ritual. I almost always light a candle. My favorites are from Bath and Body Works because the aroma fills the entire house. Next it’s tea time! I’m always experimenting with new flavors. Now that warmer weather has started and Spring is around the corner I’m on a  Tazo “Passion Tea” kick.


After changing into some comfy clothes and whipping up dinner I head to the bathroom to start the process of getting ready for bed.

Skincare: I’m always playing around with new lines of skincare but at the end of the day I always come back to my holy grail- Purity by Philosophy. Nothing is as gentle yet effective when it comes to cleansing  my sensitive skin. Next, I put a light layer of’s ( benzoyl peroxide on my face. I suffered from acne in my early 20’s and this is what cleared me up. I seriously will probably use their product forever if possible because it’s changed my life!

Dental Hygiene: People are always asking me how I keep my teeth white considering that I drink so much coffee. Here’s the scoop: Whitestrips once a year, any toothpaste from the line of Crest Whitening, a second round of brushing a couple times a week with the Crest 3D Whitening Polishing Treatment, and a swish of Listerine or Crest Whitening Mouthwash. And of course flossing every night! Pretty simple.

IMG_2430 2

Now that I’m all ready for bed I make a quick pit stop at my pantry to grab my probiotic. I used to suffer from digestive issues so my doctor suggested I take a probiotic. Thank goodness for Silver Fern’s (Silver Fern Brand) Ultimate Probiotic. This little guy is pharmaceutical grade, DNA verified, promotes fat loss, and provides immune system support. And best of all it quickly resolved my tummy troubles. Silver Fern also has an all natural probiotic drink mix (WAI Drink Mix)! At night when I’m craving a snack I curve my craving by drinking one of these instead. Silver Fern Brand also has nutritional protein shakes, baking mixes, popcorns, and much more.


My favorite part of the evening is finally here! I snuggle up in bed, turn on either YouTube videos or TV (there’s about a 90% chance it’s Seinfeld) and mindlessly enjoy Instagram, Pinterest, and plan out my todo list for the next day. Before I know it I’m struggling to keep my eyes open so I call it a night.

Hope you guys enjoyed hearing some of the products I use on my nightly basis. If you have any suggestions of ones I could add to my routine please let me know. I love trying new things!



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