What’s In My Beach Bag?


Spring has [almost] sprung and sunny days are starting to creep up. For those of you who don’t know, I’m an Orange County (California) girl. Today we’re rocking a perfect temperature of 84 degrees. I’m working today (shout out to those like me who blog on their lunch break!), so sadly I can’t take advantage of heading to the beach. BUT…my bag is packed for the next time I can make it down there. I thought I’d walk you through what I plan on bringing with me for my first beach adventure of 2017!

TanPhysics: Ok you don’t need to LITERALLY bring this with you to the beach but it’s going to help you look like a bronzed beauty vs. Casper the Ghost the first time you lay out for the year. Basically your kick starter before you get a real tan (or if you’re like me and don’t lay out often it’s perfect for year round). Tan Physics is a sunless tanner that combines high quality tanning and skin care ingredients and offers a natural, streak-free tan. It definitely gives you color without looking orange and is very build-able.

White Girl Sunscreen: This is the trendiest sunscreen I have ever seen. I am so in love with the creative packaging. White Girl Sunscreen has been featured in Cosmo and Elle Magazines. I love that for every pouch purchased, a portion of the proceeds are directly donated to Melanoma Research Foundation. 350 people are diagnosed with skin cancer every hour in America. So please friends, make sure to wear your White Girl (30 SPF).

Target Sandals: I’m a big accessories girl. Even if I’m just going to the beach, I still want the most glam but affordable ensemble I can achieve. That’s why I shop at Target. They always have bejeweled sandals for under $20! Check out my picture above to see my current favorites. Target Women’s Shoes

GoMacro Protein Bars: Going to the beach without snacks is a recipe for disaster. I get super cranky if I don’t have a little pick me up. GoMacro is my current favorite for protein bars. The amount of flavors is endless and they are made with farm fresh ingredient from Wisconsin .

Obviously I bring items such as a towel, bathing suit (duhhhh), and some H2O but I trust ya’ll can handle that yourself. Stay safe and hydrated out there but enjoy that Vitamin D!





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