Arctic Zero 2016 Flavors Review



You guys know the feeling of being a kid on Christmas morning? That’s the same feeling I got when Arctic Zero shipped me a huge box full of their 2016 flavors! I was in utter guilt free ice cream bliss. I think this product is absolutely amazing. The fact that you could eat a whole pint (hey- we all have those days!) for a mere 150-300 calories blows my mind.

Arctic Zero ice cream is fat, lactose, gluten and GMO free. It’s low glycemic and kosher. It’s basically too good to be true without the catch part! Here’s my thoughts on each of the 2016 flavors:

Brownie Blast- My top favorite. There are real brownie chunks scattered throughout the pint. I had a PMS day and my brownie blast was totally there for me.

Banana Pudding- Such a lovely flavor. The vanilla wafters that are mixed in compliment the ice cream very well. I feel like I would enjoy this flavor even more on a hot summer day.

Snickerdoodle Dandy- Not bad, but not something I would purchase again. It does have that snickerdoodle taste but just wasn’t doing anything for me. Personal preference I suppose.

Cake Batter- YESSSSS all about the cake batter! This creamy consistency was divine. One day I mixed this wish a little brownie blast for my own dreamy creation.

Poppin’ Pomegranate- Also something I would imagine would be good on a hot summer day. But nevertheless, still light and satisfying if you are in a fruity mood.

Arctic Zero has no fat or cream so you shouldn’t eat it right after taking it out of the freezer like you can with other ice creams. You need to let it sit out for about 20 minutes so it gets a creamier consistency. Or if you just can’t wait throw it in the microwave for 30 seconds! You can purchase any of their products (try their cream bars too!) at or in most of your local grocery stores (I can always find them at Sprouts, Mothers, and Ralphs).

I’m excited to let you all know that I’ll be doing an Instagram giveaway with Arctic Zero! Follow me @thegoodnerremedy for details that will be announced later this week.







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