IIFYM Challenge


Happy January everyone! If you read my previous blog post you know I’m on a New Years Resolutions kick. One of my resolutions was to try the well known “diet” of counting your macros. I’m a little over a week in and thought I’d share with you the early stages of this experiment.

This diet, also known as IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) revolves around meeting daily macronutritional intake targets, and not on what you eat to get there. That is, you plan your daily meals to provide you with so much protein, carbohydrate, and fat, based on your goal (lose fat or build muscle).

I have heard about counting macros for quite some time but was intimidated by the mad scientist type formulas it seemed like I would have to do. But I finally set aside some time to do research and realized it wasn’t so bad! I found a free calculator online (IIFYM Calculator) that told me how many calories I would need per day. It further broke down how many of those would need to be protein, carbs, and fat. I downloaded an app that does the majority of the work for me (I’m using “My Macros +” which cost $2.99- worth the price in my opinion). I just type in what I ate (they usually have it, and if they don’t I can do the calculation myself using the nutritional label and enter custom macros into my app) and the app lets me know how many macros in each category I have left.

I really hate calling this a diet because it is very flexible. You can essentially eat anything you want as long as you have room for it in your macros. So if you want that brownie that your co worker baked- feel free! You just need to make sure that you balance what’s left of you macros accordingly the rest of the day. I admittedly have gone over my macros a couple times this month (I apparently am a big lover of the “fat” macro-_-!), but I am making more educated decisions in my eating habits.

I’ll keep you guys updated on how this goes. Follow me on Instagram to see some of my #IIFYM creations!


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