My Whole 30 (Turned Whole 15) Experience

Well I guess the title says it all- I didn’t make it the whole 30 days. I’m a whirlwind of emotions- proud and disappointed all at the same time. Making it to the halfway point was not easy. Here’s my experience on my first Whole 30 go round:

Days 1-3: “What’s so hard about this?” kept going through my head. I made some delicious Whole 30 approved meals and even stayed on track at a baseball game and housewarming party! On day two I had dropped almost two pounds. Daydreams of ending the month thinner than ever felt like a not so distant possibility.

Days 4-6: My excitement over this diet dulled a bit as cravings started to creep. But I stayed strong. My coworker was doing the diet with me and we were taking turns bringing recipes in for each other. It was fun to experiment with recipes and also enjoy someone elses cooking!

Days 7-11: BLOAT BLOAT BLOAT! I have never felt this bloated in my life. My workouts really suffered as I was so uncomfortable at any given time. I read that this was normal and pushed through. At this point I was GAINING weight! Grr.

Days 12-15: Bloat let up a bit but had not fully disappeared. But new symptoms appeared! Extreme weakness and nausea had come to play. Everyone kept asking me if I felt increased energy on this diet but it was the total opposite. I do believe that if I stuck with it the symptoms would have subsided, but in the moment I just wanted to feel better.

So with my tail between my legs I’m admitting that on day 16 I gave in to a very non Whole 30 approved meal. This was my first go at Whole 30 and I’m toying with the idea of giving it another go in January. I think it’s a wonderful program and that if you can push through the detox symptoms can do your body a lot of good!

If any of you have experience with Whole 30 or advice for me in future rounds please let me know!

Also check out @whole30recipes on Instagram. They were a lifesaver when I needed some creative inspiration! My favorite recipe during the diet was a butternut squash and sweet potato soup. See a picture of this fall treat below!



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