Drumroll….30 Day Challenge Results Are In!


I may be a little late reporting these stats…ok a lot late. So what happened between November 12th-December 12th you ask? Honestly, nothing too shocking. I don’t have any drastic before and after photos to show you. Did I lose any weight? Yup, a couple pounds. I know that’s nothing to write home about but the fact that I didn’t gain any weight during the holiday season is a win for me! This challenge got me back in the routine of sticking to a nutritional and fitness plan and I’m certain that I can carry these habits over to the New Year.

During this challenge I remained about 95% gluten free and about 80% dairy free (I wanted to be 100% on both but I gave into temptation a few times). I exercised about 4 times a week (minus a sick week…boo!) and tried to add some variety to my routines.

I’m planning on stepping things up a notch in 2016. I’m going to go paleo in January (likely only for the month, but we’ll see how it goes). I also hope to do a Whole 30 at some point this year. As far as fitness goes I’m going to be joining Classpass (www.classpass.com). ClassPass is a membership that gives you access to group fitness classes in your area. It’s a great way to try the fancy smanchy studios without being limited to one.

Thanks for all the support you guys have shown this still newly blossoming blog. I can’t wait to take this journey into 2016 with you. Wishing you Happy Holidays and lots of health!



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